Welcome to Zoom Grooming Salon!

We are so pleased you have decided to choose us for your pets grooming services today. Zoom Grooming Salon is here to answer any and all of your questions concerning your pets grooming needs. We understand how much your fur babies mean to you and want to provide the best services and care as possible.

Fresh Body Scent Colognes & Bandana or Bows with all Full Service Grooms
Grooming & Clipping for Specific Breeds or General all over Trims
Bath in warm fresh water

Popular Services

Teeth Brushing

Ask us

How can this help your animals overall health

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Dog Brushing & Dematting

Furminating is availble for your pets upon request
with an additional charge.
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Ear & Eyes Care

We use professional ear and eye
cleaning products on your pet to
ensure your pets safety

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Cat Grooming

Ask your groomer for information
on having your cat groomed

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Our Guarantee

Your Pet will be Washed Clean & Cut to your specifications & Smelling Great... Or It’s FREE!