Zoom Grooming Salon has been in business since June of 2013. Cathleen Thomas is the Owner/Stylist for the company. Cathleen has been grooming pets for over 9 years and is very skilled in all techniques. Cathleen has worked in the industry for many years which included being an instructor at a trade school for the industry. Zoom Grooming Salon has a passion for your pets and will do everything possible to make yours and your pets experience a professional and relaxing one.

    Cathleen Thomas started Zoom Grooming Salon because she saw a need for a different kind of grooming salon. A salon that gave you more options than the others in the industry. That is why Zoom Grooming Salon offers Pick Up and Delivery Service to there customers. Zoom Grooming Salon is offering new and better solutions for grooming your pets, that allows a more flexible scheduling solution for our customers.