Policies and Procedures

· Current Vaccination

For the safety of all of our guests we require all pets to be current on shots.

· Aggressive or Dangerous Pets

    We ask that all Owners inform Zoom Grooming Salon if your pet or pets have bitten anyone or might be aggressive in any way towards our stylist or other pets. If your pet becomes aggressive to our groomer during your visit Zoom Grooming Salon Reserves the right to stop service and call the owner for pick up. In addition the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all costs including Medical, loss of wages and loss of income.

· Health and Medical Problem

    Zoom Grooming Salon wants your pets to feel relaxed while they visit. But we also know sometimes pets get stressed out when they come to the groomers, especially our senior fur babies. Zoom Grooming Salon will do our best to make the experience relaxing and comfortable, but at any time during your pets visit we see signs of distress! We will first try and contact you the (Owner) and ask that you give us permission to take your pet to the nearest Veterinary Hospital. If we are unable to reach you and feel your pet is in distress and needs Veterinary services we will transport your pet to the nearest Hospital at (Owners) expense.

· Mat Removal

    Pets with matted coats take longer during the grooming session. Mats grow tighter and can create tears and sores on your pets skin over time. Zoom Grooming Salon prides itself on being your animals advocate, that is why Zoom Grooming Salon is a cruelty-free dog grooming salon. Any requests for excessive de-matting of your pets coat will be declined. De-matting tightly matted fur is very painful and can cause brush burning on your pets skin. We will shave any pet with severe matting of it's coat including it's tail if necessary. Pets may act strange after they are shaved because of the matting to the coat irritated their skin. Itching, shaking of the head, chasing of the tail, sitting down frequently may occur. Usually your pet will get used their new cut in a few days and will stop the strange behavior. Bringing your pet in on a regular basis for scheduled grooming will help to prevent this from being an issue.

· Accidents

    While Zoom Grooming Salon is extremely skilled in our profession, sometimes Accidents happen. Grooming equipment is sharp, and though we are very cautious and take care in All grooming procedures. Animals are unpredictable and wiggle and move around frequently. Some injuries that can happen are: nicks, cuts, scratches, rash, quicking of the nails, etc… Zoom Grooming Salon wants Owner to know it is important not to yell our your pets name when you arrive or let them see you if your pet is on the grooming table. Pet's are excitable all-though we make every effort in insuring your pets safety while being groomed and excited pet can be dangerous to work on. Once your pet see's you it is almost impossible to continue to groom safely.

· Hold Harmless

    By choosing Zoom Grooming Salon and Cathleen Thomas as your Groomer. Customer will hold Zoom Grooming Salon, Owner and it's employee's harmless from any damages or money claims that result from your pet being groomed at Zoom Grooming Salon's location or from your pets being transported to and from our Salon in our delivery van.