Full Service Grooms

All dog sizes Small, Medium, Large and X Large

Pickup and Delivery Services range from $15 - $40 depending on location please call for exact pricing

Zoom Grooming Salon offers our Full Service Grooms which include:
Bath, All Over Cut, Nails, Anal Gland expression if needed, Sanitary area trim, Ear Cleaning Prices for these services range between $40.00 and $120.00 Please call for exact pricing for your pets.

Face, Feet and Tail

We bath, trim your animals face, feet and tail area and trim your animals nails. Please call for exact pricing on this service.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing you pets teeth is important to your pets overall health. It can help prevent tooth decay and bad breath. It can also help keep cost down by the need for professional service less often.

Dog Baths

All dog sizes Small, Medium, Large and X Large

Poodle Grooming and Specialty Breed

Poodle Grooming and Specialty Breed Grooming have varied pricing please call for exact costs for these services.


Zoom Grooming Salon uses special tools to remove excess hair and undercoat from your dog or cat to help with shedding.


Zoom Grooming Salon give the first 20 minutes of de-matting services free, any de-matting requiring longer is billed at $1.00 per minute.

Soft Claw Caps

Soft Claw Caps are a soft gel cap that fits over your animals claw to prevent scratching on furniture, floors and your skin.

Clean Feet & Clean Face

Zoom Grooming Salon offers the shaving of your pets Feet and Face.

Hair Dyeing

Zoom Grooming Salon offers specialty hair dyes for your pet. The products we use are made for your pet and are safe to use on there fur.